Last week the news that the configurator is showing the renewed Model 3. Not everything that has been updated can be removed from the configurator. There appears to be a USB port in the glove compartment to plug in the SSD drive for Sentry. After all, you can now put a pin code on the glove compartment. Very safe, provided your dashboard is not cracked! The heat pump is now also confirmed in the refresh Model 3. Although we have not yet seen it on screen. A heat pump is really an asset, especially for the colder periods in the Netherlands. Will have a beneficial effect on the range. The driving wind noise also seems to be reduced. That is really waiting for the first comparison between the “old” and the refresh Model 3. If you want a Model 3 this year, only the LR and P in the refresh can be ordered with delivery before the end of the year. The SR + is only available in the refresh version in February. The SR + already ordered come from China. The boat is fully loaded and will be in Zeebrugge at the beginning of December. Have you ordered one? Take a good look at the video below, it is somewhere in between!