This week the stock is again making giant leaps. A week ago (11/19) the rate was $ 489. A week later, on 11/26, the rate is at an all-time high of $ 574. Exactly 12 months ago, that was $ 66! Wall St. is slowly starting to realize that 1 million sales in 2021 will be realistic and that turnover will also be generated from software sales now that FSD is taking such steps. And that in a growing EV market with stimulating measures in many markets. Revenues from a possible robot taxi network are not yet taken into account. The energy market is also not really included.

Ark invest published the overview below with the bull scenarios some time ago. WE are getting pretty close to what they call “The High Functioning EV Company”. The named Price targets in 2024 are from before the split. The current price pre-split is $ 2,870. Indeed, Tesla is sharply lowering production costs and in some markets raising the sales price and price for the FSD software. Good for still large profit margins. The building of the 3 new factories is also going well. And further expansion is in the pipeline.