The moment when we see the Teslas in action in the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is approaching. Of course, various animations can be found on the internet with an estimate of the capacity and operation. It will be a great showcase (proof of concept) for Tesla and TBC. It perfectly shows what our transport might look like in the future! Autonomous driving cars and pods in tunnels.
At a fraction of the cost of current technology with metros and all other moving equipment on rails in urban areas. The Vegas tunnel was built with 1 drill (Godot). A modification of an existing design.When they later drill with several machines on the same tunnel system and with the first self-developed tunnel boring machine, things will go very quickly. Especially because the Prufrock (name of the first fully electric tunnel boring machine) does not first need a shaft, but “just” starts to dig itself in! In this video more information about the machines.