I have not researched it, but I can hardly imagine that there are other car brands that have so many enthusiastic followers who earn a (big) investment by talking and vlogger about Tesla. The reason to talk about this is that a number of these Fan-Boys saw their deserved New Roadster Founders Edition appear in their account this week.

Part of an older referral program was a discount on a Roadster that could go up to even free versions. I already thought about 55 referrals! There are vloggers or podcast makers who saved 2 before the show was discontinued! Andy Slye is an example of a vlogger going to get two New Roadster Founder Editions.

I do have a number of favorites among the vloggers and bloggers. My number 1 is Rob Maurer from Tesla Daily. In the beginning only a podcast, but now also a YouTube channel and written out on The Street. He is mainly focused on an objective view of everything that has to do with Tesla and in particular the financial side. I hope he gets a chance to interview Elon Musk or Zach Kirkhorn one day. Just off-topic: on the SpaceX news side, The EverydayAustronaut is a vlogger on a par with Tesla Daily.

Real American, but a big one there for a few years now, is Ryan McCaffrey’s weekly Ride The Lightning podcast. He’s such an example of someone who has so many referrals that he’s going to get 2 free New Roadsters. One goes on sale to pay the tax on the other. He has even interviewed Elon Musk for his podcast. Someone who can easily buy a Roadster from his YouTube revenues is Steven from Solving The Money Problem. He has a vlog almost daily. Not quite my style, but he is very open about what he is doing with his vlogs and related activities. Finally, Hyperchange. Gali is a very enthusiastic vlogger with a daily vlog. He also interviews other vloggers more often. A bit busy, but interesting angles from time to time. He has many followers and also someone who has been able to interview Elon several times anyway.

The current referral program is less extensive than it used to be, but it is still nice to be able to reward yourself and someone you have made enthusiastic with free kilometers. Money is of course about nothing, but just a little different than other brands do this. If you have scored more than 5 referrals, then you are somewhere on this list.