Again, a request addressed to Elon via Twitter received “okay” in response. This time a request whether the automatically folding interior mirrors can be made optional when closing the car. Especially useful in the freezing cold to prevent mirrors from folding out. Another one on the list of announced updates. Elon is “reviving” the Tesla community again! He tweeted that the Tesla Holiday Software update is on fire! It concerns the V11 version of the software and will in any case contain different visualisations. The first images of this were seen in the cars with the FSD Beta. About 2/3 of the screen is then used for visualization. The other 1/3 for navigation. Because in Navigation-on-autopilot you actually no longer need the navigation images when the car itself takes the turns. When asked if he wanted to lift a corner of the veil on the release, the response was that it contains things you didn’t know you needed! But it will also contain enough parts that have been requested and confirmed via twitter over the past months, but have not yet been included in an update: adjusting seats via the screen, images from the side cameras when changing direction, waypoint navigation, bird-eye- view, ed Below a vlog with speculation about the V11 software. Elon also indicated that the FSD Beta will take a big step in the coming week with new features again. If this release goes well, a broader rollout of FSD Beta will soon follow, heading for a fleet-wide rollout in the US before Christmas.