In recent years there was a major software update around this time. Not like the periodic updates, but a major update of the GUI and a whole load of new features. A kind of annual freshening up. We are now on Version 10. It was fairly quiet on the internet about what exactly we can expect from version 11. Until this week Ben Sullins (YouTuber) made a vlog about it. This was picked up by and on the message about this on twitter Elon responded that the V11 software is coming. What can you expect? A GUI that looks like it was seen in the Cybertruck? A new game anyway. But perhaps also a number of the functionalities that are more or less confirmed by Elon, but are not yet in the software, such as:

  • waypoint navigation
  • bird-eye-view when parking (only for FSD)
  • the ability to display the images from side cameras in large format when reversing
  • setting the seats on the screen instead of using buttons on the seat
  • weather radar overlay on the navigation chart
  • blind spot camera, so images from the side cameras on your screen when you turn off the turn signal
  • warning for crossing traffic or pedestrians if you want to reverse

Probably the V11 update is also needed to reflect the new FSD rewrite visualization. So it won’t be long before the update becomes available. Currently 2020.40.8 is rolling out (.10 is beta from FSD). By the way, if you want to see the release notes, or functionalities that have been announced (such as the list above), check this website.