Refresh Model 3 New rumors keep popping up. This week a Chinese video surfaced with a review of the 12 changes in the refresh Model 3:

  • chrome-delete
  • double glazed side windows
  • new steering wheel
  • scrolls wheels
  • new center console
  • USB-C rear (2x)
  • Powerlift tailgate
  • USB in glove box
  • USB stick for Sentry Strip under the rear window wider and with holes (no more water in the trunk)
  • button to open door now with icon
  • heat pump

Did I miss one? And of course the EPA range increase on almost all models. And the LR and performance go a little faster to a hundred. In some countries, the Model 3 has become slightly more expensive. The SR + from China (no refresh yet) with a different type of battery provides a positive change in range and charging speed. Yet we still have to wait for a real mutual comparison to see the differences properly. And perhaps also to be heard. Because is the double glazing the only intervention to reduce the noise level? I also read a post about better sound insulation in the doors and the frunk. And also the panoramic roof would be overhauled. Below a video with the changes in the image. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles !!!