The Model Y’s 7-seater is on its way (in the US). The first deliveries are in early December, according to a tweet from Elon. There is of course a lot of speculation about the actual space on this 3rd row. There are even enthusiasts who have started tinkering themselves. My expectation is that the 7-seater has been delayed a bit longer because the new rear must become available. Now that the Giga Press is up and running in Fremont and the rear of the Model Y is pressed in one piece, there will no doubt be more room for the optional 3rd row. It remains to be seen whether there is room for two adults.

Photos have surfaced of the Model Y MIC. Still camouflaged. The exterior is not expected to look different from the Fremont version. The inside is also camouflaged. What is striking is that there seems to be an instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel. Whether this is really the case is of course speculation. He would really surprise me if the Y in China would get a second screen.