The first refresh versions of the Model 3 have now also arrived in the Netherlands. And the SR + from China will also be delivered. It is again a busy goal in these last weeks of the year. The Sinterklaas and Christmas presents are ready for delivery.

Anyone who gets their first Tesla in the coming days… welcome to the club. Curious about the experiences with the SR + from China with its new battery. The refresh with the heat pump. Speculations about whether or not there will be a heatable handlebar in the Model Y and refresh Model 3 continue. There are more and more indications that make it very plausible. It is probably part of the Holiday Software Update (V11). Or will it still be a payable option via the app?

Bjön Nyland regularly makes interesting vlogs about EVs and Tesla in particular. In the vlog below a test of the heat pump in the refresh Model 3 versus its own Model 3 Performance (MC Hammer) from early 2019. The usefulness of the heat pump becomes more than clear.