Now that both the Model Y and the Model 3 have a heat pump, Björn Nyland has done a new test to see what a heat pump really delivers. He expects it to bring about a 5% efficiency improvement on average. Maybe not very much, but at Tesla it is the sum of many small and larger efficiency strokes to get as much range from the battery as possible, or to keep the costs per kilometer as low as possible. It is not without reason that all Tesla models are in the first places when it comes to efficiency.

But the range increase in the Model 3 (from 512 to 568km) is also due to the 82 kWh in the battery pack for the LR and Performance (from 78 kWh). The 2021 Model 3 has the new batteries from Tesla / Panasonic with an already announced density increase of about 5%. The SR + from Shanghai has the new CATL batteries. The Model Y from Berlin will soon receive the new 4680 battery. Tesla therefore has different types of batteries in the different models, from different suppliers, sizes and chemical composition. You have to trust that you get the best battery of that moment from Tesla and that fits the purpose of the version you are buying