The MIC Model 3 SR + with the LFP battery keeps things busy on social media. It has slightly more WLTP range and can be loaded unlimited to 100%. Reviews indicate that the build quality and finish of the Made In China (MIC) Tesla is fantastic. Only the charging speed and the actual range in cold conditions would be somewhat questionable. At least that is evident from a news report whose source is not entirely clear. Charging speeds around 150 kW have not yet been observed. And the range in winter conditions also seems to be less. Or can the battery not be charged to 100%? Yet nothing seems to be wrong.

That lower charging speed may be because Tesla imposes a further limitation in software. They may need more data to further increase speeds without damaging the battery. Has also been discussed with other models in the past. Also sometimes the other way around, so being able to charge less quickly to protect the battery. Regarding the range, the algorithm may not yet be fully adapted to the colder conditions. I think I have to wait and see how things will unfold. In any case, it is a big difference whether you drive an EV in winter or summer. In winter, heating uses energy and the battery capacity is a lot less if the battery stays cold. You really have to drive for more than half an hour and also preheating for a long time you want to see a higher charging speed with the SuC. A battery loses capacity when it is colder outside. But when it gets warmer, range is added again. I have it on%. Is a lot more relaxed in my view. The kilometer calculation is dynamically dependent on the circumstances. If I have to continue I always drive with navigation and then I know if I have to charge on the way. That a car uses more energy in winter is of course also with a car with a combustion engine! Only then was there no such focus on the distance that could be achieved according to the on-board computer. More about range and loading can be found here.