Our mission

The expanding world of EV owners shows a growing interest in information about the cars and possible activities where their cars are involved. The never ending enthusiasm from the owners, about the vehicle and the development as well, results in all kinds of initiatives and often creates a completely new lifestyle.
Many initiatives see daylight in the form of driversclubs, roadtrips, gatherings, sell-and-buy, app-groups, forums, bloggers etc.
On social media an endless amount of information is shared. How can we pick up the essentials and preserve them so they won’t get lost in the ever flowing timelines?

BirdsEye view

Being part of this ever growing world the founders of TeslaCampus felt the need to offer a platform where all kinds of initiatives could be brought together. TeslaCampus will give the visitor a birdseye view on already existing opportunities and thereby make it easier to get connected to fellow enthousiasts.

.. right people in the right place on the right moment..

Thanks to the founders (Esther Kokkelmans and Hans Noordsij) wide network it will be much easier to bring people together to share and realise plans. Think about roadtrips, gatherings to share information, (scientific) meetings (online and hopefully soon face to face) to get to know each other and learn etc. We would like everyone involved to get support from the right people in the right place on the right moment to make it work.

The founders consider it their “mission” to actively explore the “field”, to join existing activities/events to “spread the news” and, based on their experience and network, initiate events and join forces with the partners of TeslaCampus.