On November 12, 2019, Elon announced that Tesla’s European factory would be located in Germany. Since then, Giga Berlin has been realized in Grünheide at a murderous pace. So fast that the whole bureaucratic process is still delayed. They don’t have all the required permits yet. In fact, the process is reversed. They were allowed to start on the basis of confidence that they build within the legislation and with maximum regard for the environment, but at their own risk. Watch the impressive video below about the progress so far!

The first Model Y is expected to roll off the production line in Q2 2021. We thought phase 1 in Giga Shanghai was impossibly quickly built. But Berlin is going even faster. And that it can always be done faster and more efficiently is proven by the speed at which Giga Texas is being realized. Click here for a movie.

But of course it is about the equipment in those buildings. A new paint shop has recently been put into use in Fremont. In Berlin, a completely new paint shop will be built by the Italian company Geico (https://geicotaikisha.com/en/). Battery production will also soon take place on-site. The pilot production line of the 4680 battery is now located in Fremont (project Roadrunner). And if that’s not enough, gigantic presses are also installed.