In November, Tesla sold more than 20,000 Model 3 in China. That is 78% more than in September. The AWD and the Performance will now also be produced locally. In the year 2021, the Model 3 production will be significantly increased. They will also build the refresh version in Shanghai. The Model Y will roll off the line one of these days in Giga Shanghai with the first episodes in January 2021. If the images we see don’t fool us, it is a Model Y with a single-piece casting. But not yet with the 4680 batteries as part of the construction. We will see this for the first time from Berlin. Model Y production will be at full capacity in China by the end of 2021. Total somewhere around 500,000 cars (Model 3 and Y). The construction activities will continue to also produce batteries locally and probably to create the facilities for the production of the small Tesla. Announced for a production start in 2023. But maybe they are faster in China with that small Tesla.

In Austin, the first posts of Giga Texas are also standing upright. At the end of 2021, the first Model Y and Cybertruck should come off the line here. They use the same construction method as in Berlin. Things will move quickly in the coming weeks. A company that will supply the steel to Giga Texas is also under construction and says it will start supplying in “Fall 2021”.

In Giga Berlin they have started installing the first machines. They are now building and installing there 24/7. Model Y bodies have even been seen. Probably to adjust the paint line. For a moment the deforestation of a new piece of land came to a standstill. Were the German automakers playing a “sneaky” game? After two days, the work could continue, only to be stopped again by another objector. On Monday a judge will rule. The trees that are felled are also trees specially planned for commercial wood production. So it is not a piece of nature that is sacrificed. By the way, Tesla replantes 3x as many trees. But then with trees that will form a piece of nature. If everything goes according to plan, Giga Berlin will also be in full production with the Model 3 and Model Y by the end of 2022.

In the Alex Springer interview last week, Elon compared building a factory with a PC. The cupboard is now, but it is of course about the content. The “machine-that-builds-the machine”. With Tesla’s enormous engineering power, newly developed production techniques are applied. Everything is aimed at building a car as efficiently and effectively as possible. And here, of course, lies part of Tesla’s huge advantage. They can design the factory like the inside of a PC. Everything aimed at an optimal balance between costs, speed and quality. They have no history and just invent a lot of new things. Think of the Tesla steel for casting and pressing under very high pressure. Or a completely new approach to battery manufacturing. Thanks to the vertical integration, everything is optimally coordinated. They control the critical parts, such as the machine construction. They regularly take over companies. The floor space used for production is also getting smaller. Compare the surface of Giga Nevada with the Roadrunner project in Fremont. A very compact food print for so much output. So it does indeed look like a PC. More and more compact but more powerful.