In the aforementioned interview, Elon also spoke about his ambitions for battery production in Berlin. This must become one of, or even the largest in Europe. The most difficult thing, according to Elon, is scaling up a concept in the laboratory to mass production. In terms of battery technology, breakthrough to breakthrough is presented. Even higher energy density, even faster charging, etc. etc. But the challenge is to invent and develop all the new production technologies that are needed to achieve mass production. From lab to proof of concept to mass production. The proof of concept (Roadrunner project) is located in Fremont and Giga Berlin will be the first location for mass production. Besides a lot of money, the intellect of your only ones is of course decisive. Have Tesla (along with SpaceX) at 1 and 2 in the most sought after employers lists for newly graduated engineers! And by the way, there is no shortage of money at Tesla / SpaceX. During battery day, Tesla presented the roadmap to bring production capacity to great heights and the price per kWh to around $ 50. The video below (1 of 5 videos) goes into detail about this masterpiece.