Now that the first boom with typical American vids about FSD Beta is over, the vids come with more details.

In this video you can see how something that is on the road is avoided. A new version has now also become available with a different visualization.

I also came across this interesting video from a vlogger about how DOJO works. Tesla’s supercomputer. It now seems to take a few days before all calculations are made. With Dojo, this process should be reduced to 1 day. So in fact all experiences of all Tesla’s (gained by the km’s driven) are analyzed by the software and labeled and added back to the “experiences”.

If I understand correctly, it is as if learning to drive plus gaining years of driving experience is done every day by DOJO. These calculations do not take place in the car, but in the DOJO training computer. The FSD software in the car is thus a “driver” who, with each update (Elon talks about a frequency of 5 to 10 days), takes the experiences of all those KMs with him.

With each new version, the number of interventions decreases. In fact, it is a matter of time until (almost) no more interventions are needed. How much time is of course not yet clear. However, it became clear that Canada and Norway are the next countries where FSD beta will become available after the first rollout in the US. Norway will fully focus on EV and autonomous driving. More countries will soon raise their hands. Reducing the number of road deaths is of course one of the many arguments!