The developments of the FSD suite are going very fast. This week a new release. And what it makes enormous leaps forward again. Of course, there are still times when the driver has to intervene. This phase is also intended to remove the real bugs that can cause big chunks. But if you see what is already possible, it looks good for a wider rollout in the coming weeks on the way to a full release in the US just before Christmas. If, in the course of 2021, the supercomputer DOJO is also integrated into the continuous improvement process, the iteration stages of new releases will go to 1-3 days. This, in combination with the further expansion of the FSD fleet in other parts of the world (read more experiences of all the kilometers that Tesla’s have driven autonomously) makes that the skeptics about autonomous driving are slowly starting to realize that the journey really faster. is going to happen than was thought. Of course there are still quite a few hurdles to overcome, but the perspective is becoming increasingly clear.