On the day of earnings call Q3, Tesla also released the first beta version of the rewrite FSD. So far there are 2 users of Tesla who are allowed to share their findings. They can be found on twitter (https://twitter.com/brandonee916 and https://twitter.com/teslaownersSV). The image above shows the options at this intersection. Video has been made where you can see the Tesla taking the exit independently. In the coming days we will be inundated with videos. Too bad there aren’t many roundabouts in the US! They are not the new visualisations yet (see below V11 software). On twitter, Elon announced that he would increase the price of FSD in the US by $ 2,000 after the weekend. So they are pretty sure they will be complete with the release of the rewrite feature. Another year of collecting data and convincing governments and somewhere in the world the robot taxi network will really start. When I see some reactions on social media, I really keep thinking about the video below. We all know how it turned out afterwards! If you don’t have an FSD yet, you own the Tesla and you definitely want to drive it for a few more years, then you should think again this weekend!