The rollout of FSD 4d (the rewrite) to more and more users in the US is underway.
The reviews on YouTube look very promising.Although the visualizations will certainly not be final yet, things are looking very good. It is expected that software Version 11 will bring the new visualisations.

This is expected in November or December. The speed at which the system learns also appears to be impressive. As soon as the car is connected to the WiFi, a lot of data is sent to the “mother ship”.
A new version has now been released in which specific problems with certain situations (corner edges) have been solved. I think processing and learning the incoming data is also one of the crucial parts of this first release. It cannot be otherwise that the DOJO project, the Super computer, has now also been (partially) taken into use. In any case, the price of FSD in the US has increased to $ 10,000. Of course on the social media the discussion immediately whether it is worth that investment. Elon also tweeted that in 2021, FSD can be used via a monthly payment. He has previously indicated that it is ultimately cheaper to buy FSD in full. But to try it out or just for the holiday season, it is a great option.