Founders story Esther Kokkelmans

Ever since seeing the first Tesla a couple of years ago Esther has been very enthusiastic about Tesla and everything that has to do with the EV world. She bought her first Tesla in 2018 and still learns about her EV every day. The combination of power, innovation and beauty keeps amazing her and for her these three factors are very important in an EV.

Esther also wanted to add to the EV world and at the same time learn. Even though she was getting a lot out of all the different groups that are active online she missed something.

Tesla Diva’s

Esther created Tesla diva’s Europe quickly after she came to her conclusions, a group of more than 500 active women in Europe driving and enjoying their Tesla’s. She is still amazed today about the amount of knowledge and interest there is with all women included for their EV’s. Tesla diva’s Europe organises meetings in all European countries at least once a year. This year the meeting took place at a beautiful location in Germany and next year will be in….She also stays in close contact with Tesla diva’s in the US. She recently created her own Tesla diva’s Europe t-shirt and a new logo.

Esther loves to also work on her car herself. Her Tesla is out of warranty for most aspects and so whenever something has to be done to the car she finds out how to do it and does it herself.


She travelled a lot during those two years and visited countries like: Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, UK, Spain, Germany. She finds it extremely easy to travel with her Tesla because of the very good supercharger infrastructure in Europe. During those travels she also met many interesting people active in the EV world that are now also connecting to TeslaCampus.

Esther was given the opportunity to visit Berlin giga 4 not to long ago together with Hans Noordsij and be the first person to get a tour on site. She found the visit very motivating, talking to the people that create all these opportunities for the world made her even more enthusiastic about trying to add as well. TeslaCampus is planning on organising road trips to Berlin and giga 4 in the future.

Charity and more

Esther Is also very active in the charity world. She organised or played a big role in many small and big meetings that make people and organisations stronger and happier. Working with Tesla on trying to get things to happen is a pleasure for her. It is always encouraging to also see how all the people, known and unknown to the world, are always willing to cooperate.

Furthermore Esther is also involved in things that still have to happen, she is connected to the Formule E racing team and she cannot wait for the moment things are more final so she can become more active in that world…