Last week we reported on the new EPA range after the various hardware and software updates in all versions.

Since this range increase is not realized by a larger battery, this means that it is largely realized by a different chemical composition in the battery and a series of efficiency improvements.

Think of the heat pump, energy-efficient power steering, HVAC off on the co-driver’s side when no one is sitting here, etc. Often I read in response to such a message that the range says nothing since you will never make it. It is often a fact that the EPA or WLTP range does not correspond to the range that you get from your EV yourself. But a better range according to a specific test cycle such as the EPA also means that it has become more economical. The number of watts you need to get a mile has been reduced. And you or your lease company can feel that in the stock market again. Or more self-generated solar energy can be sent to other power consumers.