Politicians finally dare to name the years in which the sale of cars with an internal combustion engine is restricted. In the UK 2030 is mentioned. In Europe 2035, but with the new emissions standard it has probably already been done before. And by specifying a date, the demand for ICE will in any case decrease sharply years earlier. There is no way around it anymore… the existing car manufacturers will have to invest fully in EV. Tesla is building factories at a tremendous pace that are also very quickly at mass production level. If mainstream automakers come up with a diversity of models in 2023-2025, with very likely low profit margins, Tesla will already be in the next phase. Because by 2050, millions of Teslas per year will be producing and they will have started the transition from owning a car to paying for use as a robot taxi. The small Tesla will be “folded” in almost every continent from 2023, such as the Cybertruck and dycast as parts of the Model Y. The production costs are very low, the margins are high, the battery lasts indefinitely, the Tesla steel and Tesla-Armored glass is virtually indestructible and the full self driving software is at level 5. The small Tesla is a robot taxi that will be built in various forms and is different for the Chinese market than in the US or Europe. Primarily it is a car designed for the robot taxi network. But probably, as long as there is a market for it, the small Tesla will also come with a steering wheel. Of course, it can also be added to the robot taxi network with the FSD suite.

Maybe there is a car manufacturer who will leave the ICE for what it is and simply sell what is being produced for another 9 years. But that will not make massive EVs either, but will invest fully in the development of all the technology needed to develop a cheap robot taxi, including of course the technology for autonomous driving. So basically when a kind of start-up starts all over again. But of course with a richly filled investment pot from the ICE era. Almost all brands and startups are working to make autonomous driving possible. Almost everyone links rider-assist systems together. That can then lead to level 3 (motorway), but will never work in the city. Or they use expensive radar systems in combination with high definition maps. That will bring them to level 4, but at a high cost. Level 5 seems to be reserved for a vision-based system such as that of Tesla. Here is an overview of the different systems and suppliers. It is a pity that Tesla’s approach is so underestimated. Elon will laugh about it. He is now number 3 on the list of the richest people on earth. If he is the first with a robot taxi network it will soon be in the 1st place!