The financial figures for Q3 have been presented. And again, Tesla exceeded the analysts’ forecast. It all looks fantastic. Especially look at Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily if you want a thorough financial analysis as a “retail investment”. Gali Russel’s Hyperchange is also good, but with a large portion of American enthusiasm, shall we say. What is impressive in my view is the speed with which the production capacity is increased and the margins per car. This year 500,000 Teslas. The predicted 50% growth every year in terms of production capacity for 2021 is already available. Fremont and Shanghai can make 850,000 cars in a full year of production with their current operational lines. From Q2 onwards, the Model Y production line in Berlin will certainly be added. But Shanghai will also continue to grow and at the end of 2021, the Model Y will also be from Giga Texas. Production by 2021 certainly 750,000, but if everything goes well, 1,000,000 is also in sight. Then we will go from 1 million to 2 million Teslas on the road in 1 year.