Campus Cafe

From day one, Tesla drivers visited each other to share their (then very exclusive) experiences.

Tesla drivers greeted each other for years until the fleet grew too large for that. But if you come across a Tesla driver far from home, the “hand will always go up”. Many contacts were made at Supercharger locations. Clubs were founded, people found each other on a forum and they went out together.

Now we merge this on one platform with parts like:

1) Forum
2) Q&A
3) Sell and buy
4) Share stories
5) Supercharger spots.

and more…..

It is deliberately kept as accessible as possible. No members, friends, participants, but just an access to the Campus, from the homepage in seconds.

And of course this is all at no cost.

Will there be any time activities that cost money, those who participate just pay the cost and no more than that.