Information will be shared within the TeslaCampus Academy on a range of topics.

Topics such as

  • AP (AutoPilot) 
  • FSD (Full Self Driving) 
  • OTA (Over The Air) updates
  • Charging Teslas
  • The Supercharger Network

and more will be highlighted.

Tesla tech

There will be an explanation of how the Teslas work with tips and of course plenty of room for questions (and answers).
In the media, but also at drinks and birthday parties, opinions are invariably put forward that have one thing in common: “Teslas are not ok”. We call it “urban myths”.

Urban Myths

This usually concerns matters such as charging hours on the road, range, clean or unclean, children in mines, etc.
We will explain them individually and provide (counter) arguments so that you can immediately have the answer ready.

We thankfully give room to science to publish their blogs etc.

TeslaCampus Glossary

We will start a TeslaCampus Glossary (TC Glossary) soon.