Last week I was talking about a $ 600 mark. This week, the TSLA stock hit a new all-time high, as did Starship heading for the moon in the near future. The $ 650 mark was passed. Elon tweeted that Tesla must continue to work hard to ensure that the expectations that are reflected in the stock are also met. Otherwise, the stock will also make a hard landing! On Tuesday, Tesla announced, as in September, it would raise another $ 5 billion through a stock issue. The issue was completed on Thursday. Due to the high price, the dilution by more shares is limited to 1%. With this they now have so many resources in their pocket that they can expand and invest very quickly. For example in accelerating the implementation of the new battery technology, new factories or FSD. They continue to expand their lead in all areas. That is what is increasingly visible in the stock price. With a rapidly growing global EV market and Tesla’s market share being maintained, this will result in a massive volume increase over the next 5 to 10 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the little Tesla comes earlier. Starting in China, then Europe and then the US. The Cybertruck and the Semi probably the other way around,